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When Clients need a branding, a Website or a social media strategy it requires a clear design process. A client who understand the basics of this process will appreciate what happens at ProSeed.

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Blogging and Fresh Contents

If you have a website or planning to have one, here is a word of caution. Check your contents for genuineness. If your contents are copied, Google may blacklist your website from its search results. We build original content for your website, and will write blogs. This will attract google, for sure and will shoot your website in google’s first page of search results.

Online Reputation Management

Internet is interactive, if you have no presence in google search, or if you are not monitoring your facebook page, there are chances, you may get banged by people who post compaints in forums and negative comments in portals and social media. We help you to be clean and friendly in internet. Our powerful team will be a watchdog and can safeguard your brand’s reputation online.

Website Visitors Building & Management

Your Website is a hub for your visitors. They can come from any where, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, Google Search, Google Ads more and more. Once a visitor is there its the responsibility of website to collect his details like name and email ID. Then we can track people to attract them back. So if you have a website, you should collect, track and retarget visitors. If are not doing this, you are loosing people. People are money. Give us a chance, we will get back to your web visitors and convert them to customers.

TV Ads Production

Ever wondered of TV ads and wanted to make one for your company? Dont invest tons of money. We can build you International quality TV commercial with very less price. Now spread it! you can even use clips to make a YouTube Ad free of cost.
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